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Episode #58: Lexi Belle and Matt Ingebretson

Jake & Eli return for another great episode with porn star Lexi Belle and comedian Matt Ingebretson. We discuss Lexi’s time spent as both a sub and a dom, Jake reveals his inner-sub, and the group breaks down the attractiveness of the Spice Girls. The laughs go on hiatus for the final question, cats vs. dogs, and the answers will leave you in shock and denial.

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Episode #54: Lily LaBeau and Megan Amram

On this episode we welcome performer Lily LaBeau and comedian/writer Megan Amram. We discuss Lily’s start in porn, coming from an open-minded household, doing intense scenes, and the differences between dating male talent and DJs. We also discuss Lily and Megan dealing with fans online, Megan’s phone sex parody video, and the group seals a best friendship deal. But that all goes away in mere seconds when Dogs Vs. Cats takes center stage and causes a major upset for one host and a major victory for the other.

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Episode #29: Brian Street Team & Erin Gibson

This week, male talent Brian Street Team (Pron, Sex World) and Erin Gibson (Modern Lady on Current TV) join Eli and Jake to talk porn ‘n stuff. We talk about Brian’s start in the industry, working a full time job while also performing in porn, dating someone who works behind the scenes, and working in [...]

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