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Episode #53: Kiki Daire and Baron Vaughn

On this episode, we welcome veteran performer Kiki Daire and comedian/actor Baron Vaughn. We discuss Kiki’s start in the biz, and what it was like to see the paradigm shift from VHS to the internet. We also talk about Baron’s perspective on interracial porn and open relationships, and how Kiki navigates dating in and out of the industry. Shop talk goes out the door when Jake & Eli ask cats or dogs, and the guests’ answers create a frenzy bigger than The Beatles.

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Episode #38: Dylan Ryder and Jesse Case

Emotions run high on Episode 38 with Dylan Ryder and comedian Jesse Case (Last Comic Standing)! We discuss Dylan’s start, short hiatus from, and return to porn, her current status as a contract girl with Bluebird Films, and what her long-term goals are inside and outside of the industry. Then the whole gang gets deep, [...]

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