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Jake and Eli’s Farewell PLUS Live w/ Bobbi Starr

On this final episode of The Morning After… Podcast, Jake & Eli bid thee farewell, answering the question you just asked: “WHY????” They also interview each other, talking about what they’ve learned from the podcast, how they’ve changed in two and a half years, and discuss the recently passed Measure B, and what it means for porn and Los Angeles. The second half of the episode is a live episode recorded at‘s Armory Bar in San Francisco with one of our favorite guests: Bobbi Starr and her angel of a pup, Nora! We’re joined by comedians Guy Branum, Dave Ross, and Renee Gauthier. Stick around after the episode for a bonus secret track from Jake & Eli. Thank you everyone for listening, everyone we’ve had on the show, and to everyone who voted for Obama! XOXO! -Jake & Eli

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