Monthly Archives February 2012

Episode #65: Kimberly Kane and Nick Turner

Nearing the end of our third season, Jake & Eli welcome Kimberly Kane and comedian Nick Turner. The group discusses the new mandatory condom laws and Kimberly’s new photography venture to combat it, and how Kimberly has navigated an almost ten year career working behind of, and in front of, the camera. As serious as the topics get, we out-serious ourselves with the final question, and cats vs. dogs debate turns up to 11, for an intense set of answers that crushes one host, and saves the other.

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Episode #64: Katie Summers and Mike Leffingwell

On this episode, we welcome performer Katie Summers and writer-actor-improviser Mike Leffingwell. We discuss Katie’s start in the business, having an open mind early in her career, and working with TS performers as a female. We also discuss Mike’s history of watching porn in the pre-internet days, and watching it now while having a wife and kids. The episode comes to a gripping conclusion with our final question: cats or dogs?

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