Monthly Archives January 2012

Episode #63: Courtney Page and Eric Andre

On this episode, Jake & Eli welcome performer Courtney Page and comedian-actor Eric Andre. The group discusses Courtney’s anxiety of being interviewed by three comics, Eric’s anxiety of dating women, and Eli & Jake’s anxieties by the dozen. We also talk about Courtney’s semi-retirement from the industry and working independently, and what her standards are in and out porn for sex. We cap it off with cats vs. dogs and the one-sided victory leaves one host in tears of joy and the other in tears of pain.

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Episode #62: Richie and Ahmed Bharoocha

On this episode we welcome male performer Richie and comedian Ahmed Bharoocha. We discuss Richie’s start as male talent, working against stereotypes, and how to take care of yourself in the biz. We also talk about being a late bloomer to the world of sex in general and of course, the final question of cats vs. dogs. When it’s all said and done, one of the hosts leaves less of a man because of it.

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Episode #61: Amy Daly and Brittany St. Jordan

On this episode, Jake & Eli welcome transsexual performers Amy Daly & Brittany St. Jordan. We talk about their respective starts in the biz and how they each carved their own niches. We also talk about Brittany’s move from the military to porn, Amy’s monogamy outside of the industry, and working with other TS performers. The interview reaches its most tense moment when Jake & Eli ask cats or dogs? The answers are nothing short of shocking!

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