We’re Busy But We Love You

In the past year, The Morning After… Podcast has become a bit erratic in terms of when episodes are released. The past few months have become especially inconsistent. This is an explanation as to why that is:

When we started the show, we were newer to comedy and had something crucial in our favor during this period: time. It’s something we see less of these days.

One of the main reasons we started the show was to talk about porn, sex, sexuality, and relationships in a funny, but smart way. And for the most part, we like to think we’ve succeeded. We’ve met performers, directors, and producers who have been the nicest, kindest, most interesting folks, and who have provided us with a fascinating look into a world that is mostly reduced in the media to misogynistic sound bites or cheap dick jokes.

But like anything else, balance and moderation is key. For an entire year, we managed to put out an episode a week. That included coordinating many different people’s schedules, and it was fun but also exhausting. For the sake of our time and sanity, we’ve had to slow down a bit. At the end of the day, the thing we both care about the most is getting on stage to tell jokes to audience members. And The Morning After… Podcast has been crucial in making us more comfortable in conversations, being more vulnerable about topics that we talk about on stage. Also, we have been able to meet actual fans of the podcast, which is incredible. We have people who tune into the show regularly (and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them) and that blows our minds. We can’t thank you enough for listening to us and sharing similar interests, then taking the time to tweet/FB/e-mail us. It’s unreal and will continue to be appreciated.

This may sound like a farewell letter, but it’s NOT. Entering our second year, we managed to be sponsored for almost a whole season, make some absurdly fun videos, and all of it without having to join a major podcast network. And that’s precisely why we’re still self-contained. Because we get to do it on our terms. We want to keep the show fresh by bringing a combination of seasoned and new performers, performers from the LGBT community, directors, and anyone else working in a unique capacity in the biz. We’re picky about our guests and we try to include fan suggestions as well. But all of that takes time, and we only have so much of it these days. So in theory, we’ll be back in full effect, every two weeks on a Monday. Unless we don’t, then it’ll be some other day and hopefully you are subscribed to us on iTunes/Twitter/RSS Feed/etc and will continue to listen regardless.

If you live in LA, you can catch both of us around town at various stand-up shows. We perform at the Improv, Laugh Factory, and many alt-shows around town.

If you are not in LA:

Eli will be at TBS’ Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Chicago June 14-16 at the Up Comedy Club, along with additional last-minute shows around town. He also co-produces/co-hosts Performance Anxiety, a stand-up comedy show at The Pleasure Chest every other Tuesday (@PerformAnxiety on Twitter) in West Hollywood.

Jake will be on a week-long tour across the Southwest, Feelings: A Tour with comedians Dave Ross & Matt Ingebretson.
Dates here: http://feelingstour.tumblr.com. He also has a sketch group called WOMEN and you can find their videos here: womencomedy.com

Eric (our audio tech/web designer) edited the feature film Dead Dad, which will be screening at Mann’s Chinese 6 June 1st: http://www.facebook.com/events/310174779060188/


Sincerely, your beta males

Eli Olsberg & Jake Weisman

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