Episode #50: Wendy Williams and Dave Ross

We celebrate 50 episodes with near and dear friend/comedian Dave Ross and Award-Winning Transsexual Performer Wendy Williams. We discuss Wendy’s youth in the south, dealing with liberal and conservative family members, and moving out of LA and her recent return. She also promotes her new toy line and attempts to make Dave her own personal toy. We get to the meat and potatoes with cats vs. dogs and the answers will make you laugh, cry, and laugh and cry some more.

This episode is brought to you by FyreTV, visit their site through the banner on ours, or go to www.FyreTV.com, it’s Netflix for porn and it’s free to join!

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  • 1 Juan

    Posted July 20, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    I am a huge Wendy fan and I love listening to her have a good time and be so candid….You really should have other ts pornstars on. Favorites like Jesse, Amy Daly, Foxxy etc.

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